I’m a marketing professional who specializes in the digital world. As the Digital Marketing and Growth Officer of a leading Fintech and Blockchain company, I’m responsible for overseeing all digital marketing activities at the company and for coming up with unique, effective strategies in E-mail marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media, Online Reputation Management (ORM), Video Marketing, and App Marketing. I’ve a knack for establishing strong partnerships that lead to long-term, mutual success. As a “marketer 2.0,” I strive to remain current with regards to digital marketing strategies and techniques. Being a born competitor, I push myself to great lengths in order to reach audiences.

I pursue innovative solutions as a matter of principle, believing firmly that long-lasting strength and passion are found in predicting future trends. I’ve a time-tested ability in this area, often foretelling the directions of markets long before the rest of the market has done so. In this way, I set the pace for my competitors to follow and position myself and my teams to claim the lion’s share of any customer base. I take enormous pride in my track record of interpreting market circumstances and executing efficiently on my interpretations.

Gifted with an insatiable appetite for learning about and working within the field of digital marketing, I’m a brave entrepreneur. Because of my propensity to explore and innovate, I’ve become something of an expert when it comes to Bitcoin, blockchains, and digital currencies, studying intensively and practicing what I’ve learned in real-time environments.

I believe in karma, having witnessed firsthand the ways in which positive energy is rewarded in the world. This belief, along with the attention to which I pay trends, has led me to observe people closely, confident that any knowledge I acquire – however minute it may seem in this moment – could become useful later on as I piece together the breadth of my experiences and try to draw conclusions about human behavior.